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How Do I Volunteer?

There are two ways that attorneys can volunteer for the program - either as attorney coaches or attorney scorers.  Law students, paralegals, and other non-attorneys can also volunteer as courtroom monitors for the San Diego County High School Mock Trial Competition.

Attorney Scorers

The San Diego County High School Mock Trial Program needs Attorney Scorers in February 2019 to volunteer for the four rounds of the  Competition, plus the Final Championship Round.   Attorney Scorers are attorney volunteers who score the Mock Trial Competition. Attorney Scorers sit in the jury box while the student teams present their case to a State or Federal Judge, Magistrate, or Commissioner.  Attorney Scorers are given a set of criteria for rating the teams numerically.  The criteria include the quality of the students' presentations, their grasp of the law and court procedures, and their understanding of the case itself.
Time commitment is approximately two hours per trial, in addition to the time necessary to review the case and program materials prior to the Competition.  Attorneys may volunteer to score as many trials as they choose.   Attorney Scorers must abide by the rules of the CRF and the scoring criteria of the Competition, and not by the preferences of their own trial practices.   
To volunteer as an Attorney Scorer, click on the link below.

Courtroom Monitors

The Courtroom Monitor assists the presiding judicial officer by controlling seating of participants and observers in the courtroom, ensuring no communication between participating students and others, gathering score sheets and award nominations, and preventing food or drink from being brought into the courtroom.Courtroom Monitors may be called upon to assist with other competition logistics. Overall, Courtroom Monitors perform a critical role in making sure everything relating to the trials and the competition run smoothly. Past volunteers have included JusticeCorps students, local law students and paralegals from the San Diego Paralegal Association. This year, we are also seeking public agency paralegals, legal secretaries, and federal and state court employees to assist as Courtroom monitors. An orientation will be given to all Courtroom Monitor volunteers before each competition round. Attendance at the orientation is mandatory to ensure courtroom order and consistency in the competition. 

To volunteer as a Courtroom Monitor, click on the link below.
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Attorney Coaches

The San Diego County High School Mock Trial Program needs Attorney Coaches in early October to volunteer to coach high school teams through the end of the Competition in February 2019.  At least one or two coaches will be assigned to work with a participating team, if requested.  Teams may utilize as many Attorney Coaches as they can arrange for.  Coaches advise the students on general trial techniques and procedures and on specific strategies for presenting the case.  Attorney Coaches meet with each team weekly starting in late October to the end of the Competition in February.  The time commitment is at least once a week for a few hours.  The team's practice schedule is set up by the teacher-sponsor and Attorney Coaches.  To volunteer, all new and returning attorney coaches must complete the Attorney Coach Volunteer Form:

Conflict of Interest Policy

Attorneys who have a child (or other close friend or relative) competing on a high school team during the 2018-2019 San Diego County High School Mock Trial Competition are ineligible to serve during the Mock Trial Competition in February 2019.  Attorneys who serve as advisors, or as a judge or scorer for unofficial scrimmages for any San Diego County high school team  or teams during the 2018-2019 competition year are ineligible to serve as an attorney scorer for the 2018-2019 actual Mock Trial Competition.  Attorneys may serve as coaches for their child's high school team.